Posted: 19.02.2024 10:06:00

Volfovich: Investigative Committee confidently coped with its tasks in 2023

On February 16th, State Secretary of Belarus’ Security Council Aleksandr Volfovich, at a board meeting of the Investigative Committee, stated that the Investigative Committee confidently completed its tasks last year and thanked all employees for their fruitful work


“During the election campaign, a high-quality and prompt response to all challenges and threats is very important. After all, you are that reliable shield, like on your chevron, ensuring the protection of national interests,” Aleksandr Volfovich underlined.

The State Secretary focused the attention of those present on the fact that in the Year of Quality it is necessary to place emphasis on the quality of the preliminary investigation and official discipline.

“A person in uniform has no right to make a mistake,” noted the Aleksandr Volfovich.