Posted: 08.10.2021 10:49:00

Vital to teach people to be responsible in social networks

Belarus’ Deputy Internal Affairs Minister and Criminal Police Chief, Gennady Kazakevich, told ONT TV channel that the Internet cannot be banned, but we must teach people to be responsible for their actions in social networks and messengers

“Belarus has faced an unprecedented threat of domestic terrorism. Certain forces are trying and will try to sow fear, hatred and uncertainty in Belarusians in order to destabilise the situation in the country," Mr. Kazakevich stressed.

The Deputy Internal Affairs Minister also informed that Belarusian law enforcement officers are now engaged in neutralising the movements which are openly promoting the ideas of extremism and terrorism. The authors of Internet posts calling for destruction of power department officers and their family members are also being identified.

“In addition to the moral and ethical point of view, I wish to know the inner motive of these people. As I see, they perceive objective reality as a computer game, not understanding the responsibility and human pain from the tragedy that has happened," Mr. Kazakevich noted.

“They bear either administrative or criminal responsibility for their actions. It all depends on a message a citizen has posted. How can we counteract this? It’s necessary to consider the problem as a whole. If we talk about extremism and terrorism, we should generate a total rejection of this form of reaction and expression of political will, consent or disagreement among citizens. The Internet cannot be banned, but we must and can teach people to be responsible for their actions in social networks and messengers," stressed the Criminal Police Chief.