Posted: 24.12.2021 09:55:00

Olympic Christmas Tree in Minsk

The traditional Olympic Christmas Tree holiday gathered almost 300 boys and girls from all regions of the country in Minsk. Among them there were many children of Olympic winners and prize holders: Marina Litvinchuk, Alla Tsuper, Andrei Aramnau, Aliaksandr and Andrei Bahdanovich, Liubou Charkashyna and many others. Belarus’ National Olympic Committee annually participates in the Our Children charity event. This time, it also invited children from various social institutions who had taken part in the Vytoki. A Step Toward Olympus cultural and sports festival.

Guests were heartily welcomed by the NOC President, Viktor Lukashenko, who said, “Many children from different regions of our country have gathered here today. They have come from the towns where our Vytoki festival was held, the regional centres and the city of Minsk. Many different people are present here – including children of our Olympic champions and grandchildren of Olympic medallists. We all want the same: fulfilment of our desires, some warmth and kindness to ourselves, our friends, relatives, families, and, of course, our country.”

Viktor Lukashenko congratulated those present with the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays and wished everyone to be healthy and cheerful, so that all wishes and dreams come true. The NOC President also wished good luck to the athletes who will compete at the Beijing Olympics in early 2022.

Children took part in the New Year's Seven Wishes quest show – plunging into the world of adventures, games and dances. All boys and girls were given sweet gifts at the end of the holiday.