Posted: 20.09.2021 09:13:00

Vaccination continues countywide

Vaccination campaign is in full swing in Belarus, as told by the Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, to ONT TV channel

“A national vaccination plan has been approved and I’d wish to emphasise that this point work is well focused. We strongly recommend our people to get vaccinated,” Mr. Petrishenko said.

The Deputy Prime Minister informed that, by now, more than 1.8m Belarusians have received the first COVID-19 vaccine dose, of which over 1.5m have received two doses. However, we should not remain complacent: more people need to be vaccinated – according to the plans. In particular, this refers to students since the coronavirus infection is now hitting younger people. “We need to resist this and protect our young people and children – among others. All adults are tasked to help themselves, their children, relatives and friends," the official added.

At the same time, Mr. Petrishenko noted that Belarus would continue its voluntary vaccination approach, “This principle has not been changed in our country, while a strong conscious attitude of our citizens enables us to assert that we are actively progressing. About 70,000-90,000 people get vaccinated weekly and this process is not paralysed: it’s underway.”