Posted: 22.12.2023 15:43:00

US to transfer combat drones to Lithuania in 2024

The United States will transfer Switchblade 600 combat drones, as well as training stimulators, launch and control equipment to Lithuania in 2024, TASS reports with reference to the Lithuanian Defence Ministry


Accordingly, Lithuania will become the first country after the United States to have aircraft of this modification in service. Vilnius officials believe they will significantly strengthen the defence capability: in particular, provide protection during redeployment of units.

The UAVs are distinguished by high precision optics and effective anti-tank warheads. Their continuous flight time makes 40 minutes, and the drones are capable of hitting a target 40km away from the launch site.

An agreement on the supply of combat drones was reached in December 2022. The contract amount made 45m Euros.