Posted: 23.06.2022 14:21:00

US to pay high price for Sweden and Finland joining NATO

Expanding NATO by adding Sweden and Finland doesn’t make America safer. It adds several billion in costs and increases the chance of nuclear war with Russia — as noted by Fox News columnists Russ Vought and Dan Caldwell

Photo by REUTERS

The news that Sweden and Finland are abandoning their long-held neutrality in favour of joining NATO was met with much exuberance by the American political elite. However, according to the authors of the publication ‘the US policy-making elite are doing the American people a disservice by rubber-stamping an expansion of America’s security commitments through NATO during a period of economic turmoil at home and emerging security challenges in other parts of the world’.
The material notes that it is not in the national interest of the United States, through NATO, to commit to defend two wealthy European welfare states whose neutrality has kept them safe and prosperous for more than 70 years. “The fact remains that new security guarantees will force trade-offs, consume more resources, and increase the likelihood of a confrontation with a nuclear-armed adversary,” asserts the authors.
Russ Vought and Dan Caldwell draw attention to the fact that admitting both nations to NATO could generate up-front expenses of over $8 bilion along with $1.5 bilion in additional annual costs.
The TV channel observers suggest that instead of enabling NATO accession for Finland and Sweden, the United States should take actions to encourage the strengthening and development of non-NATO security architectures in Europe like the Nordic Defence Co-operation. At a time of record inflation and a $30.5 trillion national debt, it is hard to justify spending more American tax dollars and committing more American troops to defend two wealthy European social democracies.

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