Posted: 26.09.2022 13:11:00

US deploying two HIMARS systems in Latvia as part of exercises

The United States will deploy two HIMARS MLRS systems in Latvia as part of the NAMEJS exercises, TASS reports with reference to a message of the US Army Command in Europe and Africa


In addition to two HIMARS MLRS, the American side will send about ten military personnel to the Baltic state. As reported, the United States intends ‘to demonstrate rapid deployment of long-range precision-firing weapons on the eastern flank of NATO’.

“NAMEJS is an opportunity to increase our readiness and strengthen our relations with NATO allies," Colonel Richard Ikena – who commands the artillery forces involved in the drills – said.

The exercises are beginning today, September 26th, and will last for two days. Military personnel from the alliance member countries will take part, but the exact number of participants is not reported.