Posted: 30.03.2023 16:00:00

US ‘cover up’ sabotage

Veteran US journalist Seymour Hersh alleged that Biden administration officials have been ‘feeding’ the press false stories to ‘protect a president who made an unwise decision and is now lying about it’, according to the publication on the Common Dreams news portal

In a follow-up to his explosive story accusing US President Joe Biden of ordering the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines, Seymour Hersh charged that the White House — in collaboration with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz — is attempting a ‘cover-up of its operation’ by ‘feeding’ false alternative narratives to the press.
Hersh also alleged that while it remains an ‘open question’ whether Scholz was aware of the planned pipeline sabotage in advance, the German leader has ‘clearly been complicit since last autumn in support of the Biden Administration’s cover-up of its operation in the Baltic Sea’.
The journalist went on to add that ‘the disinformation professionals inside the CIA understand that a propaganda gambit can only work if those on receiving are desperate for a story that can diminish or displace an unwanted truth’.
“And the truth in question is that President Joe Biden authorised the destruction of the pipelines and will have a difficult time explaining away his action as Germany and its Western European neighbours suffer as businesses are shuttered amid high day-to-day energy costs,” wrote Seymour Hersh, citing an energy expert who argued that the damage to the Nord Stream pipelines ‘led to a further surge of natural gas prices’.
Officials from Norway, Germany, and Sweden told the UN last month that they are still investigating the explosions that severely damaged the Nord Stream pipelines.

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