Posted: 02.03.2022 11:02:00

US closes airspace for aircraft from Russia

The United States will join its allies in closing off American airspace to Russian aircraft – as announced by US President Biden, TASS reports


"I am announcing that we will join our allies in closing off American airspace to all Russian flights," the politician said.

As informed, the ban will come into force by the end of Wednesday. The restrictions will apply to all aircraft ‘owned, certified, operated, registered, chartered, leased or controlled by, for, or for the benefit of, a person who is a Russian citizen’. This list includes passenger and cargo flights, and scheduled as well as charter flights ‘effectively closing US airspace for all Russian commercial air carriers and other Russian civil aircraft’.

Earlier, a number of European states decided to close the airspace for Russian aircraft against the background of the Ukrainian events. Other sanctions have also been imposed on Russia.