Posted: 06.12.2022 17:38:00

Up to 80% cybercrimes detected in Belarus

The methods for combating cybercrimes developed by Belarus’ Investigative Committee and Interior Ministry are considered among the best in the world – as stated by the Deputy Head of the Investigative Committee’s Main Department for Digital Development, Ivan Sudnikovich, in his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel

Mr. Sudnikovich explained that, in 2020, the economic and public sectors of Belarus passed a certain stress test: malefactors from abroad began to actively commit crimes against the country.

“By 2021, we passed those tests and developed a system of protection measures, thanks to which we are now able to repel most attacks. We can assert that modern criminals teach us as well. We identify and eliminate shortcomings, and the level of protection of the legal, economic and public sectors is quite high at present,” the official said, adding that it is not difficult to investigate such crimes if their structure is clear. “A criminal always leaves digital traces, and our main task is to understand the scheme of committing a crime, to follow the criminal’s path and to fix digital traces – which are the evidence, in fact. Anonymity on the Internet is a myth that we debunk when investigating crimes,” he said.

According to Mr. Sudnikovich, Belarusians have learned to identify organised cybercrimes. “The methods developed by the Investigative Committee and the Interior Ministry are considered among the best in the world, since the effectiveness of our work reaches 80 percent – and even up to 100 percent sometimes – regarding the disclosure of cybercrimes. In 2010, we were recognised as the best investigative unit in the world, in addition to receiving other awards. We have actually eradicated organised crime on the territory of Belarus, and there are virtually no Belarusian cybercriminals today. We see and repel attacks coming from abroad – i.e. from Ukraine and Poland,” he said.