Posted: 09.08.2022 13:32:00

Union State ready for provocations on the part of its Western neighbours

Poland and the Baltic States are capable of committing a number of provocations on the borders of the Union State for the sake of supporting the information background, but Russia and Belarus are ready for this – as stated by Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst with the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies

"Possible provocations will not be strategic, but tactical in nature, and their main task will be to inflate a serious scandal. However, Belarusians and Russians are ready for this," the expert noted.

"Most likely, the propaganda rhetoric of our western and northern neighbours is more psychological in nature and is aimed at justifying the actions of local political elites to purchase new models of military hardware and drag their countries into even a greater debt to Anglo-Saxon capital," Mr. Avdonin said.

Accordingly, it is unlikely that these politicians will go into direct conflict with the Union State. "They understand that a retaliatory strike will be lightning-fast in this case, and it will focus not on the groups located currently near the borders, but – as the President [of Belarus] said – on the decision–making centres," the expert added.