Posted: 09.09.2022 16:27:00

UNICEF Representation’s work in Belarus highly praised

Yuri Ambrazevich, the Deputy Foreign Minister, met with the representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Belarus, Tanja Radocaj, in connection with the completion of her work in this post


The Deputy Foreign Minister highly praised the UNICEF Representation’s work in Belarus under the leadership of Ms. Radocaj.

During their conversation, the parties focused on the topic of supporting national efforts in countering the COVID-19 pandemic, and Mr. Ambrazevich also appreciated the UNICEF representative’s successful work in Belarus in attracting state structures to co-operation, in particular the Education Ministry, and welcomed the signing of a bilateral framework document on co-operation for 2022-2023 this May.

The parties discussed the most relevant areas of Belarus-UNICEF interaction, including children’s safety in cyberspace, assistance to youngsters in conflict with the law and victims of violence, as well as boys and girls with disabilities.