Posted: 07.12.2021 14:39:00

Unemployment rate down in Belarus

Belarus demonstrates the lowest unemployment rate in the Eurasian Economic Union this year – as informed by the Statistics Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission

Photo by Sergei Lozyuk

As reported, the number of unemployed registered at the EAEU employment services in late October 2021 made 1.17m people which is 69.6 percent less than in the same period last year. Accordingly, those without jobs account for 1.3 percent of the total workforce. In 2020, this figure made 4.1 percent.

According to the Statistics Department data, the lowest unemployment rate is registered in Belarus among the EAEU member states: 6,500 people (0.2 percent of the workforce). In 2020, there were 8,900 unemployed in Belarus.

As for other EAEU countries, there are 830,400 unemployed in Russia (1.1 percent; a year ago, there were 3,469,900), 193,500 in Kazakhstan (2.1 percent; a year ago – 222,400), 79,000 in Kyrgyzstan (3 percent; a year ago – 78,500). As regards Armenia, data on the number of unemployed is only available: there are 58,600 of them – against 60,700 in 2020.