Posted: 11.08.2022 16:26:00

UN: since start of special operation, 64m+ refugees from Ukraine moved to Europe

From February 24th to August 9th, more than 6.4m refugees arrived in Europe from Ukraine, and over 3.78m of them were registered in these states as part of national protection and assistance programmes – as informed by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), TASS reports


According to UNHCR, as of August 9th, 6,401,814 Ukrainian refugees arrived in European states. Of them, 1,968,127 came to Russia, 1,256,568 – to Poland, 915,000 – to Germany, 404,839 – to the Czech Republic, 157,309 – to Italy, 145,000 – to Turkey, 131,771 – to Spain, and 107,900 – to the UK. In other states, this figure does not exceed 100,000.

3,781,495 newly arrived refugees were included in Europe in national temporary protection and support programmes.

As informed by UNHCR, after the start of the special military operation of the Russian Federation, 10,648,515 people arrived from Ukraine to neighbouring countries. At the same time, 4,243,414 people crossed the border in the opposite direction between February 28th and August 9th.