Posted: 12.08.2022 17:24:00

UN: $4.3bn will be needed to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine

To provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, the United Nations will need $4.3bn instead of the previously planned $2.25bn – as stated by the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), RIA Novosti reports


The report says that – due the hostilities on Ukrainian territory since February 24th – at least 17.7m people need humanitarian assistance and protection. Moreover, since April, this figure has increased by two million.

“The UN and the country’s humanitarian organisations in the country have revised the emergency call to respond to the deteriorating situation. The financial request has increased from $2.25bn to $4.3bn,” the OCHA document reads.

This money is needed to ensure that humanitarian workers in Ukraine have sufficient funding and resources to continue providing ‘vital assistance’ until December 2022.