Posted: 04.08.2023 10:36:00

Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office released information on large-scale scheme for the sale of newborns abroad

The organisers of the criminal scheme in Ukraine covered the sale of children with a surrogate motherhood programme – according to the information released by the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine in its Telegram channel, RIA Novosti reports

“Trafficking in children. A large-scale scheme for sending newborns abroad under the guise of a surrogate motherhood programme has been revealed,” said a representative of the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office.

Charges were brought against 12 organisers of the criminal group. There is a suspicion about the participation in the sale of children of the heads of clinics in Kiev and Kharkov, specialising in the provision of services for medical reproduction. Other employees were also involved in the scheme: managers, administrators, lawyers.

“Under the guise of a surrogacy programme for a monetary reward, participants in the scheme sold newborns to foreign citizens living in countries where surrogacy is prohibited. In the Kharkov Region, they were looking for women who agreed to become surrogate mothers,” the Prosecutor General said in a statement. “Buyers paid from 50 to 70 thousand Euros for each child, of which the organisers gave 12 thousand to women in labour. Then the surrogate mother signed documents giving permission to take the child abroad and to obtain citizenship in another country. In case of disagreement, the woman in labour was intimidated.”

The Prosecutor’s Office told about eight cases of the export of newborns from the country, one attempt was stopped. Operatives conducted more than 40 searches at the suspects, detaining five people. Now they are sorting out 40 facts of the export of children from Ukraine.