Posted: 21.07.2022 15:04:00

Ukrainian military’s MLRS strikes set fire to wheat fields in Zaporozhye

By using multiple rocket launchers, Ukrainian military set fire to wheat fields in the Pologovsky District of the Zaporozhye Region – as informed by local farmers who witnessed the attacks, RIA Novosti reports


A farmer from the Pologovsky District said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are shelling almost daily, and – due to this – wheat harvesting cannot start, though time has come. The man noted that he could not yet name the exact volume of crops destroyed by the Ukrainian military. “We hope not all crops will be destroyed, and it will be possible to harvest at least something,” he said, adding that farmers are afraid to leave fields because of the threat of shelling on the part of the Ukrainian military.

Earlier it was reported about Ukrainians’ attempts to set fire to wheat fields on the border with the Kherson Region. The Ukrainian side planned to blame Russia for the destruction of the harvest.