Posted: 03.08.2022 13:16:00

Ukrainian general says retired persons are mobilised for strategic offensive

The Kiev government announced mobilisation of pensioners, since there are not enough human resources to launch an offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine – as stated by the former intelligence chief of Ukraine, Nikolai Malomuzh, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports


According to Mr. Malomuzh, if the government manages to call up reservists, the Ukrainian army will be replenished by tens of thousands of people. Afterwards, the authorities will allegedly get an opportunity to launch a strategic offensive in the direction of Kherson.

“To do this, powerful reserves are needed. I would like to emphasise once again: we are mobilising a lot of military personnel, especially reserves, with military experience," Mr. Malomuzh said, adding that Western countries, including Germany, are obliged to continue to render military assistance to Kiev and supply modern weapons.