Posted: 21.02.2022 18:46:37

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry announced setting up of EU advisory military mission in the country

The European Union has made a fundamental decision on setting up an advisory military training mission in Ukraine – as stated by Ukraine’ Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, at a briefing following the EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels in which he took part as well, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry reports


“We have agreed today that the European Union will deploy an advisory military training mission in Ukraine. The parameters of this mission and the time of its deployment will be clarified, but a decision in principle has been reached,” Mr. Kuleba said, adding that this would signal an increased presence of the European Union in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister stressed that the mission will be advisory and training in nature; these are not combat units. It is important that the initiative be implemented.

"We have been working with our EU partners for a long time to make this happen," Mr. Kuleba added.