Posted: 29.09.2023 17:38:00

Ukraine’s ex-Deputy Defence Minister declared problems of Ukrainian troops at the front

The advance of the AFU is extremely slow, the Ukrainian army lacks weapons – as stated by the former Deputy Defence Minister of Ukraine, Anna Malyar, RIA Novosti reports


Ms. Malyar said the situation on the battlefield is extremely difficult for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “We are progressing slowly as of now – several hundred metres a day in the east and in the south, and battles often end without changing positions.”

She added that the Russian army surpasses the Ukrainian one in terms of the number of weapons. Ms. Malyar recalled that Kiev receives weapons from the allies, but this is not enough. “The world was not preparing for our war, and it was not making supplies," she concluded.

On June 4th, 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a counteroffensive in the direction of South Donetsk, Artemovsk and Zaporozhye. Kiev sent the brigades trained by NATO and armed with Western military hardware to battles.