Posted: 15.12.2022 17:03:00

Ukraine has been sold out

Billions in EU financial assistance are not free; they’re loans, which Ukraine will default on – as stated by Irish MEP Clare Daly at a meeting of the European Parliament, with a video of her performance being posted on her Twitter page

Photo by Carlos Latuff
The MEP said that Ukraine is ‘marked for a nightmare round of shock therapy’. This is also confirmed by economists. “The sale of public lands, deregulation of the labour market, the sale of state assets ... The country’s future is being sold to finance a proxy war that’s tearing it apart,” the MEP said.
She noted that preconditions for issuing EU loans is Ukraine’s commitment to uphold democracy and the rule of law. However, in reality, the opposite is happening: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has banned most opposition parties, shuttered the media, attacked trade unions and workers’ rights. The European Court of Auditors has previously accused Ukraine of grand corruption, and this corruption has not gone away. Yet the EU continues to send billions of Euros to the Ukrainian authorities.
Clare Daly noted that the policy of the EU is apparently aimed at preventing the establishment of peace and continuing the conflict at any cost. At the same time, the MEP is sure that when the conflict is over, there will be little left of Ukraine. After all, ‘there’s going to be hell to pay for this one’.

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