Posted: 23.06.2022 14:40:00

Ukraine declares ineffectiveness of West’s anti-Russian sanctions

The Deputy Economy Minister of Ukraine, Taras Kachka, said Moscow is more resistant to restrictions from the West than expected, Politico reports


According to Mr. Kachka, Russia's resistance to sanctions is due to its sale of energy resources. “It seems Russia is more resistant to sanctions than we first thought. Initially, it was assumed that the consequences of sanctions would be more noticeable. However, it seems that the income [generated from sales] of raw materials ensures the stability of Russia's public finances," he said.

The Deputy Economy Minister of Ukraine demanded that Western countries tighten sanctions against Russia and ‘get rid’ of not only Russian oil but also gas. Mr. Kachka added that Ukraine would also welcome the expansion of industry restrictions – i.e. the steel embargo.