Posted: 30.01.2023 11:23:00

Turkiye warns its citizens of risk of an attack in US and Europe

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has given its citizens some recommendations on travel to the United States and Europe, warning of possible Islamophobic, xenophobic and racist attacks, Reuters reports


It is known that the ministry issued recommendations after Western countries warned their citizens about possible terrorist attacks in Turkiye.

It is noted that Ankara recommended that Turkish citizens in the United States and European countries act calmly in the face of possible xenophobic and racist harassment and attacks, as well as stay away from areas where there may be demonstrations. In addition, the Turkish ministry stressed that the recent increase in anti-Islamic and racist actions reflects dangerous aspects of religious intolerance and hatred in Europe.

Earlier, Turkiye called for an end to crimes in Europe on the desecration of the Koran. This happened after the leader of the far-right group Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West, Edwin Wagensveld, tore up and burned the Koran outside the Dutch Parliament building in The Hague on January 22nd.

Moreover, Ankara condemned the burning of the Koran on January 21st, which was carried out by the leader of the Danish far-right party Hard Course, Rasmus Paludan, outside the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm.