Posted: 29.10.2023 13:14:00

Turchin: firewood chopping championship among media representatives already a tradition

The firewood chopping championship among media workers has grown into a tradition – as noted by the Chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, Aleksandr Turchin, BelTA reports

"In fact, today is a landmark event: the second firewood chopping championship. It was exciting after the first large-scale action whether it would grow into a tradition, but it has become such – and I congratulate you on this,” Mr. Turchin said. "Therefore, I think there will be the third, fourth, and all other championships. May the strongest win. Happy holidays!”

The firewood chopping championship among journalists is taking place today in the Minks Region, at Vyacha Lake. It has brought together over 200 participants. Thirty-five teams are demonstrating their skills in chopping wood. All championship participants prepared thoroughly, and their competition is definitely exciting.

The programme includes chopping wood among men and women and chopping logs among men. This year, a new event has been added: President-style chopping wood. Moreover, there are new stages in the relay race, and winners will be determined in team and individual competitions.