Posted: 19.10.2021 11:02:00

Traffic police report on how road safety is ensured

Boris Lutsevich, the Deputy Head of the UGAI of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, has told Belarus 1 TV channel about the traffic situation on Minsk’s roads and how traffic police inspectors ensure their safety

Mr. Lutsevich informed that the State Road Safety Inspectorate of the Minsk Region’s Internal Affairs Directorate exercises control over the work of road patrol units in 23 districts. “The Minsk Region has about 30,000 highways. It is the largest one in the country and, additionally, is used for transit. The largest traffic flow in the Republic is registered here,” he added.

Policemen explained that a special department receives information about offenses, incidents, crimes related to road transport and highways. The condition of roads, automobile traffic and jams are monitored. In addition, traffic police officers have their own weather map and are assisted by base stations that monitor the air temperature. Cameras on 118 roads enable specialists to be aware of the situation around the clock.

“All this helps us monitor the traffic and see which car has passed. In case of a traffic jam, we immediately go there. Moreover, we can even monitor our own cars to learn where and at what speed they are patrolling,” Mr. Lutsevich said.