Posted: 21.09.2022 15:31:00

Threat of global famine is real

Media reports on the situation around the world are alarming. The Head of the Department of Agro-Industrial Complex Innovative Development at the Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University, Doctor of Economics, Professor Natalia Kireenko, shared her views on whether a threat of global famine is real.


“We should admit that hunger has already affected many countries, and its scale has reached an unprecedented level in some places. At risk are residents of Africa where half of them lacked food in 2021, and Asia where more than a third of the population faced serious food shortages in 2020. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation, almost 140m people in ten countries of the world, including Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and some African states, are experiencing an acute shortage of food this year,” Ms. Kireenko said.