Posted: 31.03.2023 14:14:00

They’re trying to drag Belarus into the war, especially Poland. Warning from Lukashenko

They are trying to drag Belarus into the war, especially our western neighbours are ‘working hard’ in this regard – as stated by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, during his annual Address to the Belarusian People and the National Assembly


The Belarusian Head of State pointed to certain facts, “In 2023, Poland plans to allocate about 21bn Euros for military purposes or about 3 percent of GDP – 70 percent more than in 2022. Even the Americans did not allow themselves such growth. By 2024, this figure could rise to 28bn Euros – over 4 percent of GDP. This is twice as much as NATO demanded. For what? Who threatens Poland?”

Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that the re-equipment of the Polish army is proceeding at an accelerated pace, and it is of an offensive nature. Thus, only according to the latest contracts, Poland will soon receive 336 Abrams tanks, 1,000 South Korean Black Panthers, 900 K9 A1 self-propelled howitzers, 38 HIMARS launchers and other equipment.

“A decision was made to increase the number of armed forces to 300,000 troops by 2023, that is, almost twice as much as Poland has nowadays. The implementation of these plans brings Warsaw to a leading position among NATO member states in Europe. This is done by the Americans deliberately!” the President said. “At the same time, the transfer of NATO troops to the east is proceeding at an accelerated pace. The NATO group in Poland and the Baltic States alone currently has more than 21,000 military personnel, 250 tanks, almost 500 armoured vehicles, about 150 aircraft and helicopters. And this whole armada is defiantly training near the borders of Belarus and Russia. The question is: why?”

The Head of State said that regiments, units, and legions are being formed for the subsequent coup in Belarus, “When the time comes, we will lay it all out for you. Today is not the time. Painstaking, closed work is currently underway. But take my word for it, I never deceived you: they are preparing to invade the territory of Belarus to destroy our country, they are turning our fugitives into bandits, whom they don’t feel sorry for.”