Posted: 31.05.2023 16:28:00

WSJ: Li Hui urged to keep new regions as part of Russia

During his visit to Europe, China’s special representative Li Hui called for a ceasefire in Ukraine and the preservation of new regions within the Russian Federation, TASS reports with reference to The Wall Street Journal


It is reported that the representative of the People's Republic of China – sent to Europe to promote China's peace plan to resolve the Ukrainian crisis – conveyed a clear message, “The US allies in Europe should defend their autonomy and demand an immediate ceasefire, leaving Russia the territories… that it currently occupies.”

According to the informed European officials, Li Hui suggested that Europe consider China as an economic alternative to the United States. In addition, he pointed out the need to act quickly to resolve the Ukrainian conflict and prevent its spread.

In turn, the EU representatives emphasised that they do not support the freezing of the conflict, telling China’s representative that ‘it is impossible to separate Europe from America’.