Posted: 02.02.2022 10:11:00

The foundation of the state

The role of science in strengthening independence. The most important task for Belarusian scientists. The significance of the mother tongue. These and other issues were discussed by the President at the meeting with the National Academy of Sciences.

Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the Brest Hero Fortress Memorial, Larisa Bibik, was awarded the Honoured Worker of Culture
of the Republic of Belarus title
Photo by BELTA

An important part of the event was the presentation of state prizes and diplomas of academicians and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences. For the first time such a meeting was held in the Palace of Independence (previously they were held only within the National Academy of Sciences). This is none other than a sign of special respect for scientists. However, the entire sovereign history of Belarus confirms the fact that in our country science receives tremendous support. And this is logical. Aleksandr Lukashenko explained why,
“Science is the foundation of our state. People who devote their lives to the hardest work of a scientist are the ‘golden fund’ for our nation.”

National security factor

The President outlined the main challenge that the scientific community is intended to solve today,
“Science should serve for the benefit of all mankind. But above all, for the people of the country. I am convinced that you, as true patriots and people with a clear civic engagement, understand this very well. And you also understand that your success can directly affect the security factor of the Republic of Belarus.” 
Aleksandr Lukashenko is sure that Belarus needs a strong foundation for vaccine production, but not only for COVID-19 vaccines. The Head of state has no doubt that scientists will cope with such an assignment,“I appreciate your determination. Once again, I became convinced of this when there was a task to produce our COVID-19 vaccine and set up our own production. To be honest, at first, I thought that you would not take it on, that you would be confused. Now I think we will be able to put the vaccine production plant into operation on time. The world has generally gone crazy, gone insane, and this virus is probably not the last, because it is not the first. That is why we need first-class science.”
The President noted that competitors, primarily geopolitical ones, would not be happy with our success,“It’s naturally. Science is also a competitive field. 
Now we see what global changes are taking place in the information and technological field. Knowledge and technology are changing rapidly. Whoever loses in this race — risks losing everything, including the country.”
By Dmitry Kryat, Dmitry Umpirovich, Svetlana Isayonok