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The Belarusian border is under reliable protection

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has approved decisions on the protection 
of the state border as well as of the airspace by border guard bodies in 2024


The Head of State noted that this event is traditional and is held every year, yet it is very important due to the situation that is unfolding around Belarus. 
“The current decision on the state border protection has its peculiarity given the special situation we have. There is 
a war ongoing in the south. The situation in the west, where we border on Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic States,
is even worse. I emphasise — even worse. The corresponding detachments are being prepared there, the commanders have been determined,” the President said.
Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that Belarus also knows the ‘fighters of these detachments’ who are ready to fight against their own country.
“Therefore, I keep telling the military and especially the Defence Minister that we must not miss anything, to put it plainly. Under no circumstances must we allow any random developments on our border. Therefore, vigilance comes first,” the President underlined.
The event was attended by State Secretary of the Security Council Aleksandr Volfovich, Minister of Defence Viktor Khrenin, Chairman of the State Border Committee Konstantin Molostov and Chief of the General Staff
of the Armed Forces — First Deputy Minister of Defence Viktor Gulevich. 
Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out that all the responsible persons ‘have been performing their functions well’ so far.
The Head of State listened to the State Border Committee leadership as well as the General Staff Chief.
The President particularly inquired about the situation on the land border (border guards call it the ‘green border’, although now it can be called white since everything is covered with snow) and in the airspace. 
“This is also a border. In Soviet times, our area of responsibility included both the borderline and the airspace,” 
Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.
The President was informed about the current situation on the state border, the forces and means involved in ensuring border security on the Belarusian side, as well as about the contingent in the neighbouring countries.
According to the Chairman of the State Border Committee, Major General Konstantin Molostov, Latvia uses military personnel of the Armed Forces and police officers in addition to regular units for the protection of their state border. Attempts to expel migrants to the territory of Belarus have significantly increased in the Latvian section of the state border over the past year.
As for Lithuania, its border area is actively used for the deployment of the US and German armed forces. They regularly participate in operational and tactical exercises. In total, up to 12 exercises were conducted in 2023.

Yegor Yermalitsky

“The military need to keep this in mind and have them, frankly speaking, in the crosshairs,” the Head of State emphasised in this regard.
As the Chairman of the State Border Committee noted in his report, all orders and instructions given by the Head of State to the border services in 2023 have been fulfilled. The situation on the state border remains consistently tense, but predictable and controllable.
“The situation on the state border and in the border area is stably tense at present. There is a certain decrease in the flow of illegal migration — primarily related to weather conditions. We detect and register in a timely manner all military challenges coming from the neighbouring countries. We respond in co-operation with the Ministry of Defence, the State Security Committee and the Interior Ministry,” the Chairman of the State Border Committee informed.
In 2024, priority efforts in border protection will be focused on the measures to identify and combat challenges and threats to the national interests of Belarus in the border area, ensure visa-free travel for citizens of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, and further build up the engineering infrastructure of the state border.
The construction and commissioning of new complexes of border units and infrastructure facilities will continue. Manoeuvre groups will be expanded and equipped with modern weapons and hardware. Another priority
is given to the improvement of the combat and professional training of border services, the educational material and technical base, and further development of the officer training system.
As for the state border protection in the airspace, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces — First Deputy Minister of Defence Viktor Gulevich said that a group of air forces of NATO countries is concentrated near the Belarusian state border. This is done, among other reasons, as part of Operation Safe Podlasie.
The Chief of the General Staff stressed that such a military presence undoubtedly affects the Belarusian state border protection in the airspace, increasing risks and challenges.
“The Armed Forces of Belarus are taking additional measures to build up the radar field, forces and means of radio engineering troops, as well as forces and means of electronic warfare in order to successfully detect and affect the intruder’s aircraft,” he noted.
According to the Chief of the General Staff, the number of provocations in the airspace remains at the same level. However, the provision of the Belarusian radio engineering troops with new samples of equipment and weapons, both domestically produced and received from Russia, increases the capabilities of the Air Force and Air Defence forces to uncover provocations as well as possible accidental violations.
“We can track and document them, and make claims to the neighbouring countries, which, I hope, do this by accident and not intentionally,” Viktor Gulevich said.

The President set the task to intensify scientific research

Aleksandr Lukashenko awarded Doctor of Science diplomas and professor certificates to scientific and pedagogical workers. The Head of State traditionally meets with scientists and scientific and pedagogical workers — newly minted doctors of sciences and professors — on the eve of Science Day.


“My guidance message to you is very specific. Scientific achievements should not remain just a beautiful showcase. We must not allow the works of our scientists to lie on the shelves or gather dust in libraries. They are already awaited for at factories, medical institutions and in classrooms,” the Head of State stressed.
The examples of applied scientific research were presented to the President by the participants of the ceremony. 
Professor of the Eye Diseases Department at the Belarusian State Medical University, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Galina Semak spoke about the development and implementation into clinical practice of an effective treatment method that allows restoring and maintaining the transparency of eye cornea without resorting to transplantation. By doing so, a domestically produced hyaluronic acid is used. The Belarusian treatment method
has already attracted the interest of clinics in Russia, and the work is underway to register the Belarusian medicine there. 
They also discussed the development of domestic spectroscopy methods that make it possible to determine with high accuracy the composition and quality properties of products in petrochemical, construction and food industries,
as well as of other products. This method, for example, is used to identify counterfeit products, including food products. Mikhail Khodasevich, a leading researcher at the B. I. Stepanov Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences, was awarded the degree of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences for this development.


The President reminded that the political life in the country is undergoing transformations. Thus, the Belarusian People’s Congress has become a constitutional body, and serious powers will be conferred to it.
“Now I am very concerned — the Belarusian People’s Congress has become our constitutional body. If someone thinks that this is just a chair for Lukashenko, it is complete nonsense. It is not a simple matter. This is serious. It is both a kind of restrictor and a supervisor for the authorities. Accordingly, appropriate people should be represented there. We must not repeat the Gorbachev period… They destroyed the country and got into a pit,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.
When summing up the results of the meeting, the President also stressed the importance of working with young people to make sure that the current generation will be replaced by well-trained personnel who understand that achievements in various fields are only earned by hard work, and do not stemfrom the Internet.

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