Posted: 25.05.2023 10:33:00

Terrible nightmares of the West

The ghost of the world socialist revolution has woken up and is roaming the planet. What will the global economy be like?

The current geopolitical and economic processes have been described more than once as cardinal changes in the world order and the global economy. But what will the world be like in the future, and most importantly, what will the economic structure look like? To answer these questions, we should make a short digression into the history of the formation and development of capital.

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko,

“Nations do not understand how the ideology of the global international project of sustainable development can be compatible with such ‘achievements' of today, as an unprecedented famine, epidemics, moral degradation and rampant abnormal values. There has never been anything like this in world history! Such development can hardly be called civilisational. As is the fact that the world spends trillions of U.S. dollars on killing people and ruining nations, rather than on creation. This is the deepest crisis, a crisis that is all-encompassing, multifaceted. In many ways it is man-made – aimed at destroying rivals. We have never seen anything like this in history as well. It is not yet known what the way out of it will be, but everyone understands that the philosophy of the world order will change. The world will be completely different. This is the essence of this historic moment.”

During Address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly on March 31st, 2023

Right to justice

According to the classical definition, capital is not money, but the amount of surplus value formed by the labour of a wage worker or machines. It is labour that creates value. A simple example: there is a conditional raw material that costs $1, but labour transforms it into a commodity for $10. It is true that in capitalism it is not the mere hard worker who appropriates the bulk of the money, but the owner of the capital, because of which an uneven exchange is formed — inequality!
It is against this injustice that the working masses have been waging their struggle for the past 350–400 years. Hence, the importance of, for example, the holiday of May 1st. This is the day of the victory of the working people for their rights, the right to an even distribution of surplus value.
A socially oriented state (focused on the needs of its people) withdraws surplus value through taxes and directs it to the development of society: provides free education and medicine, creates public infrastructure, develops science and civil institutions.
The market (non-social) model of the state-corporations is focused solely on the maximum extraction of surplus value from hired workers through their harsh exploitation and the creation of individual benefits for capital owners.
The problem of a socially oriented state lies in the growth of the final cost of goods and services generated by such an economy, and the impossibility of price competition with the second model of the state.
The problem of the second model is constant social conflicts due to unemployment, poverty, hunger, anger, hatred and envy. But the advantage of such a model is its high competitiveness in the world market due to the constant cost reduction amid underpayments to ordinary workers, the replacement of manual and mental labour by machines.

The struggle between models of the future

The processes that we are witnessing in the modern world (the global confrontation between the West and the East) are precisely the struggle between two models of the future of mankind.
On the one hand, this is a model of wild capitalism with all its rigid ideas and forms: colonialism, new Rome, new metropolises, slaves, wars, destruction of competitors, the idea of creating ‘prosperous zones’ for the golden billion. Simply put, the few will live well at the expense of the many. On the other hand, this is a ‘capital for the people’ model, when surplus value is distributed within society, but not appropriated by a group of those in power.
Understanding these processes, one can clearly see what the Anglo-Saxons and their vassals represented by the European Union are fighting for and what Belarus, Russia, China, the countries of the Middle East, Latin America and Africa are fighting for. We are all fighting for justice! We do not want to become slaves and live under oppression!

Not in favour of the golden billion

The West is now fighting in Ukraine not against Russia, it is fighting against the ideas of a just society that are alien to it. It is for this reason that China and other countries of the world support Moscow, since the essence of this struggle is the struggle for the ideas of a just society, a fair distribution of surplus value within society.
Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo clearly defined back in 2019 that the main enemy of the United States is an ideological enemy. We are talking about the Communist Party of China with its ideology of social equality.
Further dissemination of the ideas of social equality and fair distribution of surplus value will lead to the fact that the question of the need to destroy oligarchic groups in the form of owners of banks, factories, newspapers, steamships will arise. Oh, they would certainly not favour such an outcome! They want to continue to live at the expense of others and live as long and as well as possible.
We ourselves choose the model of our future development. It can be slavery with illusions about the beautiful life of a prosperous burgher, freedom of speech and other ‘goodies’ of a capitalist society. Or we will force the capitalist West to adopt a different model for the whole of humanity, which will be based not on finding the maximum surplus value in favour of the golden billion, but on equal distribution among all members of society.
It is clear that they are not someone who will back down. They want war! For them, war is salvation from their internal civil wars.
However, the Anglo-Saxons no longer have another option. As feudalism was replaced by a new formation in the form of capitalism, so capitalism will be defeated and give way to a just society, social equality.

By Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst with the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research