Posted: 30.01.2023 10:45:00

Teachers in England and Wales to hold strikes in February-March

The majority of teachers – members of the National Educational Union – have voted to take part in strikes in February and March, wishing to demand higher salaries against the background of high inflation and rising living costs, TASS reports


It is informed that seven strikes are planned in England and Wales between February 1st and March 16th. However, they will be organised in such a way, so that each school’s pause does not exceed four days. Ninety percent of teachers and 84 percent of support staff have voted for strikes to raise wages above the inflation rate.

In 2022, teachers' salaries in England and Wales were increased by 5 percent, but the trade union says this is not enough, since inflation has approached a record 11 percent in four decades.

Apart from teachers, doctors, railway workers, border control officers, postmen, bus drivers, driving examiners and representatives of some other professions are on strike in the United Kingdom.