Poll: emblem, flag and anthem are main national symbols of Belarusian people

... in August-September 2022. State symbols play an important role for ... 66.7 percent) view Belarus' state symbols – the emblem, the flag ... national symbols. "The state symbols reflect the main meanings shared ... subjectivity. By uniting under state symbols and preserving the history of ... . Interestingly, the significance of state symbols is slightly higher among young ... positive attitude to the state symbols of the Republic of ... In our citizens’ minds, the state symbols reflect the national character and ...

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News photo: Belarusians feel pride in their national symbols

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Expert explained the importance of state symbols for Belarusians

... , shared her views on the state symbols for Belarusians In recent years ... also recalled the republic’s state symbols in Soviet times. Many important ... to assert today that the state symbols have become an integral part ...

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Sergeyenko: trinity of national symbols reflects Belarus’ centuries-old history and traditions

The trinity of national symbols reflects the centuries-old history, traditions and peculiarities of Belarus, and they are cherished by Belarusian young people – as stated by the Head of Belarus President Administration, Igor Sergeyenko, at a solemn ceremony held today at the National Flag Square in Minsk “The day when we celebrate our national symbols is a wonderful holiday. The flag, the emblem and the anthem are the symbols of our statehood, of Belarus’ independence – and every citizen of the ...

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Belarus’ PM: true patriotism manifested not in words and slogans, but in life stance

... a solemn ceremony honouring the state symbols – the emblem, the anthem and ... of swearing allegiance to the state symbols of Belarus by young citizens ... the country. Remember that the state symbols embody independence and sovereignty, unite ... oath of allegiance to the state symbols was pronounced by representatives of ...

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