Major General: Russia never asked Belarus for help and participation in special military operation

... , since the beginning of the special military operation, Russia has never asked for ... of Belarus participate in the special military operation – as stated by the Assistant ... , after the start of the special military operation, there was a lot of ... Ukraine, taking part in the special military operation. In addition, various fakes were ...

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AFU attempted to strike Crimea with ATACMS missiles

The Ukrainian Armed Forces attempted to strike Crimea with ATACMS missiles recently – as stated by the Chairman of the We Are Together with Russia movement, Vladimir Rogov, TASS reports photo: www.reuters.com “Last night, the militants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a missile attack on the Republic of Crimea,” Vladimir Rogov wrote on his Telegram account on April 30th. Mr. Rogov added that the Russian air defence system worked perfectly over Dzhankoy and Simferopol. “According to ...

Ukraine , Russia , Crimea , special military operation

Congressman: US aid to Ukraine may lead to bankruptcy of future generations of Americans

The provision of assistance by the United States to Ukraine may have serious financial consequences for future generations – as stated by a representative of Arizona's 2nd Congressional District in the US Congress, Eli Crane, TASS reports with reference to the Fox News channel Photo: www.pixabay.com “We are financing another eternal war that will lead to the bankruptcy of future generations. At the same time, we ignore our own security, since our southern border remains open," Crane ...

usa , ukraine , special military operation

Kremlin reported on Germany's involvement in Ukrainian conflict

When speaking about German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s statement of the likelihood of a peace process in Ukraine, Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian President, said that the Kremlin is carefully monitoring all nuances, but this does not change the fact that Germany is heavily involved in the conflict, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.ria.ru Previously, Olaf Scholz claimed that several countries and Ukraine are discussing the possibility of the initiatives that could contribute to the ...

germany , peskov , russia , special military operation

Media: Russian airstrikes eliminated AFU high-ranking officers

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation attacked decision-making centres in Ukraine, and high-ranking officers of the Ukrainian army were killed as a result, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Lucas Leiroz, an analyst at the Centre for Geostrategic Studies Photo: www.ria.ru In a publication for InfoBRICS, he said, “Russia is believed to have used hypersonic missiles in such attacks. Furthermore, it is very likely that high-level personnel were killed in the bombings, causing very serious ...

special military operation , russia , Ukraine

Russian Armed Forces moved forward in Orekhov direction and repulsed AFU attacks

The Russian Armed Forces advanced at least 200 metres north-east of Novoprokopovka and hundreds of metres north-west of Rabotino, Zaporozhye Region – as stated by the Chairman of the We Are Together with Russia movement, Vladimir Rogov , TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.TASS.RU “There are successes in the north-east of Novoprokopovka, where our forces moved forward at least 200 metres, thus starting to even out the Rabotino bulge. <...> They improved our front edge positions north-west of Rabotino ...

Russia , Ukraine , special military operation

State Duma deputy named countries whose mercenaries fight on AFU side in special military operation zone

... area of Zaporozhye in the special military operation zone – as informed by a ...

russia , Ukraine , special military operation , france

Ex-US intelligence officer: if arriving to Ukraine, French army will commit suicide since Russia will eliminate it

The French army will be heavily attacked by the Russian Armed Forces if it tries to deploy in Ukraine – as stated by a former American intelligence officer, Scott Ritter, in his talk with the Through the eyes of YouTube channel, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.reuters.com “If this happens [French intervention], then they will actually commit suicide, because this will be their end. Russia will eliminate them. It will not attack Romania and Poland, but will destroy the French military already in ...

france , macron , usa , special military operation , russia , Ukraine

Ukrainian embassies worldwide recruit mercenaries for AFU

Ukrainian embassies abroad are recruiting mercenaries for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and relevant invitations are posted on diplomatic missions’ websites, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.reuters.com Such tactics continue even after the terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall near Moscow. The tab for those wishing to join the so-called International Legion can be found on the first pages of the websites of embassies in France, Belgium, Denmark and Lithuania. The websites of diplomatic ...

Ukraine , russia , special military operation

French children asked Macron to promise that there would be no war

Children asked French President Emmanuel Macron during his visit to Marseille ‘to promise that there will be no war’, and he responded that France ‘is doing everything for this’, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the BFMTV channel Photo: www.reuters.com Mr. Macron's visit to Marseille was dedicated to the fight against drug trafficking, and – during his talk with citizens – a boy addressed the French leader, “Monsieur, can you promise me something? Let there be no war.” A little girl then ...

france , russia , Ukraine , Macron , special military operation

Hungarian FM: the later peace talks with Russia begin, the worse for Ukraine

The later negotiations on a peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine begin, the worse it will be for Kiev, because Russia’s success on the battlefield has recently become obvious to everyone – as noted by Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations Peter Szijjarto, RIA Novosti reports photo: www.ria.ru “I have been hearing for several months now at the foreign ministers’ councils that the Ukrainians have been trying to win a position on the battlefield from ...

Hungary , Ukraine , Russia , West , Europe , peace talks , special military operation

Russian Ambassador in London: resistance of Ukrainian army paid for by the United States and EU

... until 2025. Commenting on the special military operation during his annual press conference ...

special military operation , russia , Ukraine

Russia’s Defence Ministry reported establishment of control over Lastochkino

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have established control over the settlement of Lastochkino in the Avdeevka direction, TASS reports with reference to Russia’s Defence Ministry Photo: www.TASS.ru "The Lastochkino settlement in the Avdeevka direction was liberated," the Defence Ministry said in a statement. As noted by the source, the control over the settlement was established by units of Russia’s Tsentr [Centre] group of troops.

russia , Ukraine , special military operation , lastochkino

Russian FM: Russia ready for substantive proposals for diplomatic settlement in Ukraine

Russia remains open to truly substantive proposals for a diplomatic settlement of the situation around Ukraine, TASS reports photo: www.ria.ru According to the Head of the Second Department of the CIS Countries at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Aleksei Polishchuk, there’s no hope nowadays that the West will change its approach to the Ukrainian settlement. “The current Kiev leadership are puppets, primarily, of Washington, London and Brussels. They benefit from escalating the Ukrainian crisis, ...

Russia , Ukraine , special military operation , West

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry initiated 9,000 criminal cases for evading mobilisation

About nine thousand criminal cases have been opened in Ukraine under the article for evading conscription, and 2.6 thousand evaders will be sentenced by the court to imprisonment for up to five years, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.reuters.com Information on criminal cases was provided by Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko. “About 9,000 criminal proceedings have already been opened in Ukraine for evading mobilisation, and 2,600 have already been sent to court," he was quoted as saying by the ...

Ukraine , special military operation , mobilisation

Retired Colonel of British Armed Forces considers it possible to send NATO troops to Ukraine

In an interview with TalkTV, the former colonel of the British Army, Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, expressed the opinion that NATO troops could be sent to Ukraine, TASS reports Photo: www.ria.ru Hamish de Bretton-Gordon believes that if ‘something goes wrong’ in Ukraine, then NATO may ‘go to war with Russia in the next few years’. “The West has done everything except sending its troops. It is not excluded that NATO members and other countries such as Australia will have to reconsider their ...

Ukraine , NATO , usa , russia , special military operation

Peskov: no progress in peace process on Ukraine

... Ukraine and therefore continues the special military operation – as noted by press secretary ... this, Moscow is continuing its special military operation. In November 2022, Zelenskyy presented ... for losses caused by the special military operation at the expense of Russia ...

Russia , Ukraine , Peskov , talks , special military operation

Battalion commander of AFU assault brigade recognised Russian army’s leadership

... the main task of the special military operation for 2023 – the disruption of ...

russia , Ukraine , special military operation

Russian Defence Ministry: in 2023, Russian Armed Forces destroyed over 5.9 thousand foreign mercenaries of AFU

In 2023, the Russian army eliminated more than 5,900 mercenaries taking part in hostilities on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU), TASS reports photo: www.ria.ru Information about the elimination of mercenaries was reported by the Russian Defence Ministry in an edition dedicated to the results of the Russian Armed Forces’ activities in 2023. “In total, more than 13,500 mercenaries arrived in Ukraine: over 8,500 from Europe, more than 1,700 from Asia, over 32,700 from the countries of ...

Russia , Ukraine , special military operation

Medvedev: no one will manage to bend Russia to their will

... . “In the course of the special military operation, we are fighting against a ...

russia , medvedev , special military operation

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