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... the famous Russian journalist Vladimir Soloviev shared after an interview with ... were given special attention. Vladimir Soloviev emphasised, “For me, there was ... , not to surrender,” continued Vladimir Soloviev. The President shared the details ... .” About madmen and wars Vladimir Soloviev When answering the interviewer’s ... a third world war. Vladimir Soloviev asked the Head of State ... created by the people Vladimir Soloviev also asked Aleksandr Lukashenko about ...

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Soloviev: Lukashenko is in great shape

Russian journalist Vladimir Soloviev talked to the Belarusian media ... the country’s leader. Mr. Soloviev shared his thoughts on the ...

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Soloviev: Latushko and Tikhanovskaya are enemies for me

... the President of Belarus, Vladimir Soloviev, VGTRK (All-Russia State Television ... is coming from outside,” Mr. Soloviev stressed. The Russian journalist outlined ... damage to my state.” Mr. Soloviev believes Belarusians have an exclusive ...

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Soloviev: my attitude to Lukashenko changed

... Radio Broadcasting Company) journalist Vladimir Soloviev today. Their conversation lasted 1 ... Palace in August 2020. Mr. Soloviev also spoke with the Belarusian ... shared regarding many issues.” Mr. Soloviev added that American and British ... the interview in general, Mr. Soloviev admitted, “It is possible to ...

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Details of Lukashenko’s conversation with Soloviev revealed

... , radio and TV host, Vladimir Soloviev, became known – BelTA reports Photo ... Head of State with Vladimir Soloviev appeared at the end of ...

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