Belarus is among top three suppliers of potassium chloride to Brazil

... the top three sellers of potash fertilisers to Brazil, which foreign trade ... remain leaders in supplies of potash fertilisers to Brazil,” Mr. Lukashevich noted ... , the average cost of Belarusian potash fertilisers has been 60 percent lower ... measures against the transit of potash fertilisers from Belarus through Lithuania are ... the states that depend on potash fertilisers from Belarus – such as Brazil ... that Brazil is interested in potash fertilisers for its agriculture at a ...

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Makei: transhipment of Belarusian potash through Russian ports agreed upon

A range of agreements have been achieved to tranship Belarusian potash through Russian ports, asserts Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei Speaking at a press conference devoted to the results of the Foreign Ministry’s political and economic activities in 2021, Mr. Makei stressed, “Believe me, these are not some fairy tales or pipe dreams. Concrete work is underway to actively use Russian ports for transhipment of Belarusian cargo. This is a safety net for the future as well – though I am convinced ...

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India to buy 1m tonnes of Belarus’ potash fertilisers

... can buy 1m tonnes of potash fertilisers from Belarus – bypassing western sanctions ...

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Belaruskali enjoys highest level of biosafety

... major producers and exporters of potash fertilisers. According to the International Fertiliser ... fifth of the world's potash fertiliser production. The company unites five ...

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Lukashenko: on Belarus’ strong position in the global potash market

... in the world market of potash fertilisers, producing and selling more than ... the production and exports of potash fertilisers. We have never let down ... other countries are interested in potash fertilisers from Belarus today. The world ...

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