Belskaya: blocking Belarusian potash fertiliser transit creates threat of hunger in vulnerable countries

... economic and physical availability of potash fertilisers continues to be of serious ...

Belskaya , potash fertilisers , transit , hunger

Expert: Belarus co-operates directly with African countries in potassium sales

The transit of potassium through Lithuania and Poland has been suspended because of the sanctions, and the entire African continent has been brought to the brink of famine. The share of Belarusian potassium in the African market previously exceeded 40% percent, and it is now less than 3 percent. As a result of the sanctions, these fertilisers are not present there, and grain production has decreased by 16 percent. In his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel, political expert Piotr Petrovsky ...

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MP on stupid hypocrisy of Western politicians: it’s European-style insanity

... lifting of sanctions against Belarusian potash fertilisers, and that was stated by ... someone is imposing sanctions against potash fertilisers. At the same time, the ... . Meanwhile, the issue of exporting potash fertilisers is a matter of food ... to deprive the world of potash fertilisers. Their volume is limited, only ... issue of lifting sanctions on potash fertilisers, but also in general – in ...

Belarus , sanctions , potash fertilisers , turkiye , gaidukevich , opinion

MP: Belarus ready to show Brazil potash infrastructure and discuss co-operation issues

Belarus is ready to welcome a delegation of Brazilian officials and business representatives to show them the country’s potash infrastructure and discuss topical issues of co-operation – as noted by the Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, Valery Mitskevich, on meeting the Secretary for International Relations of the Workers' Party of Brazil, Romenio Pereira, in Minsk “We are confident that the competitive environment of fertiliser producers in the ...

brazil , co-operation , Belarus , potash fertilisers

Ambassador: Belarus' disappearance from list of potash suppliers in 2022 resulted in 17% drop in grain harvest in Africa

The decline in exports of potash fertilisers from Belarus in 2022 led ... in the world trade in potash fertilisers was 22.5 percent. The ...

Krutoi , grain deal , potash fertilisers , belarus

Salt of world hunger

... against the supply of potash fertilisers from Belarus, imposed by ... important resources for production, including potash fertilisers, Andrei Pilipuk, Corresponding Member ... , the scientist emphasises. Belarusian potash fertilisers have a number of significant ... . Experts note that our potash fertilisers are produced using modern technologies ... ). The role of Belarusian potash fertilisers in ensuring the agricultural production ... a difficult situation. Prices for potash fertilisers, which have risen above ...

world , belarus , sanctions , potash fertilisers , food security , africa , hunger

Belarus is among top three suppliers of potassium chloride to Brazil

... the top three sellers of potash fertilisers to Brazil, which foreign trade ... remain leaders in supplies of potash fertilisers to Brazil,” Mr. Lukashevich noted ... , the average cost of Belarusian potash fertilisers has been 60 percent lower ... measures against the transit of potash fertilisers from Belarus through Lithuania are ... the states that depend on potash fertilisers from Belarus – such as Brazil ... that Brazil is interested in potash fertilisers for its agriculture at a ...

belarus , brazil , potash fertilisers

Makei: transhipment of Belarusian potash through Russian ports agreed upon

A range of agreements have been achieved to tranship Belarusian potash through Russian ports, asserts Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei Speaking at a press conference devoted to the results of the Foreign Ministry’s political and economic activities in 2021, Mr. Makei stressed, “Believe me, these are not some fairy tales or pipe dreams. Concrete work is underway to actively use Russian ports for transhipment of Belarusian cargo. This is a safety net for the future as well – though I am convinced ...

foreign ministry , makei , potash fertilisers

India to buy 1m tonnes of Belarus’ potash fertilisers

... can buy 1m tonnes of potash fertilisers from Belarus – bypassing western sanctions ...

india , belarus , potash fertilisers

Belaruskali enjoys highest level of biosafety

... major producers and exporters of potash fertilisers. According to the International Fertiliser ... fifth of the world's potash fertiliser production. The company unites five ...

belaruskali , potash fertilisers

Lukashenko: on Belarus’ strong position in the global potash market

... in the world market of potash fertilisers, producing and selling more than ... the production and exports of potash fertilisers. We have never let down ... other countries are interested in potash fertilisers from Belarus today. The world ...

lukashenko , belaruskali , potash fertilisers

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