Lukashenko: additional loading of processing capacities should be ensured within a month

... topic of additional loading of milk processing capacities was in focus ... . We must clearly understand how milk will be redistributed if it ...

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Lukashenko: agricultural exports possible after domestic market needs are satisfied

... informed on some negative points: milk production decreased, and fewer dairy ... of State reminded that whole-milk products always enjoy demand, so ... milk, kefir, yoghurts should be present ... , so it was clear that milk would be brought there. This ... to walk around looking for milk – which we have plenty in ...

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Lukashenko against raising prices for dairy products

... for certain items of whole milk products. As he noted, this ... prices for whole-milk products? People mostly buy milk and kefir. You ... price increases. Let’s increase milk yield. The profitability will then ...

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Lukashenko visiting Minsk Dairy Plant No. 1

... with the technology of whole milk production – which the plant specialises ... process over 900 tonnes of milk daily, and the range includes ...

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Milk and meat production growing in Belarus

... produces 1.5 times more milk and 1.8 times more ... then, 9.2m tonnes of milk and 2.1m tonnes of ...

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Belarus among leaders of milk exporters

... the EU), condensed milk (behind the EU and Malaysia), dry whey and ... taken by Belarus is skimmed milk powder: the country was ranked ... 1,500 articles of whole milk products 256% self-sufficiency level

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Belarus is fourth in world dairy exports

... Food, Ivan Krupko, spoke of milk production and sales. Heads and ... on raw materials. In Belarus, milk production is annually growing – due ... Over the past five years, milk gross production has grown by ... producing one percent of world milk, the country’s share ... among the four top global milk exporters, after the EU, ... a purposeful reduction in whole milk powder production which is now ... new markets are needed since milk volumes are growing in ... and Japan, while the Luninets Milk Plant has expanded its network ...

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