Deputy: updated Military Doctrine based on assessment of military-political situation around Belarus

Military Doctrine is the essence of views ... . The main goal of the Military Doctrine is to prevent war on ... the updated Military Doctrine.” According to the parliamentarian, the updated Military Doctrine will help ... implement them in practice. “The Military Doctrine proceeds from modern challenges and ... adjustment to the Military Doctrine is necessary. “The updated Military Doctrine will be adopted ...

Markevich , Belarus , military doctrine

Lukashenko signed Security Council resolution approving draft National Security Concept and Military Doctrine

... draft National Security Concept and Military Doctrine of Belarus discussed at a ... its public discussion. The draft Military Doctrine reflects key changes in the ... is to finalise the draft Military Doctrine, taking into account the Security ... , draft National Security Concepts and Military Doctrine, as well as decisions of ...

Lukashenko , President , military doctrine

Belarus’ General Staff Chief: updated Military Doctrine can serve as basis for conflict resolution in Europe

... content-related part, the updated Military Doctrine has preserved the peaceful aspiration ... Representatives “Of course, the new Military Doctrine was not born from scratch ... Staff added that the draft Military Doctrine is actually a new document ... account all amendments. “The updated Military Doctrine can serve as a basis ...

military doctrine , Belarus , Gulevich

Andreichenko: global situation requires revision and improvement of national security documents

... : the draft National Security and Military Doctrine – as stated by Chairman of ... , Viktor Gulevich, on the draft Military Doctrine of Belarus. The meeting was ... back in 2010, and the Military Doctrine was adopted by law in ... National Security Concept and the Military Doctrine,” said Vladimir Andreichenko. He noted ... have worked on the draft Military Doctrine. Not long ago, a meeting ... National Security Concept and the Military Doctrine of Belarus.”

Andreichenko , Belarus , national security , military doctrine

General Staff Chief: nuclear weapons are among the key factors of strategic deterrence of plans against Belarus

... focused on the draft updated Military Doctrine “Following an instruction of the ... to the wording of the Military Doctrine. The latter will be approved ... should study the country’s Military Doctrine after its publication,” Mr. Gulevich ...

Gulevich , nuclear weapons , military doctrine , Belarus

The world respects the strong

... the new Military Doctrine of Belarus The revision of the Military Doctrine, the most ... recent history of Belarus, the Military Doctrine has been adopted (amended) ... 2016. The provisions of the military doctrines of previous years clearly demonstrate ... part towards demilitarization. The first Military Doctrine was aimed at strengthening state ... first time, the national Military Doctrine envisages the possibility of a ... information security issues’. The new Military Doctrine is a thoroughly elaborated and ...

Lukashenko , Military Doctrine , security

Volfovich: military force is main argument in the system of checks and balances

... the draft of the new Military Doctrine,” said Aleksandr Volfovich.

Volfovich , Belarus , national security , military doctrine

Bogodel on Military Doctrine: this document is primarily how to avoid armed conflict

Military Doctrine is a document not about ... National Security Concept and the Military Doctrine of Belarus will be submitted ... to our people what the Military Doctrine and the National Security Concept ... ensure national security while the Military Doctrine provides the foundations of military ... want to underline that the Military Doctrine is in no way a ... added. He noted that the Military Doctrine is based on the military ...

Belarus , Bogodel , military doctrine

General Staff representative shed light on points dealing with nuclear weapons in Belarus’ updated Military Doctrine

... , commented on the draft updated Military Doctrine that had been earlier considered ... , Mr. Butorin said, “In our Military Doctrine, we convey the idea to ... not a point of the Military Doctrine: the latter just outlines the ... devoted to them in the Military Doctrine. It will bring together all ... different documents, and – in the Military Doctrine – we will accumulate them, as ... behave towards its allies, “The Military Doctrine will retain the provision that ... to include them into the Military Doctrine.”

general staff , armed forces , Belarus , defence , military doctrine

Chibisov: National Security Concept and Military Doctrine are Belarus’ most important documents after Constitution

... National Security Concept and the Military Doctrine of Belarus will be considered ... National Security Concept and the Military Doctrine are actually the most important ... to be proactive. The new Military Doctrine directly and openly speaks of ...

Chibisov , National Security Concept , Military Doctrine , Belarus

Khrenin brought position of Belarus’ Defence Ministry to Western pseudo-analysts, loose talkers and extremists

... in New Edition of Belarus’ Military Doctrine Addressing the Belarusian and Russian ... assessments of the draft new Military Doctrine and relations between the Republic ...

Khrenin , defence , military doctrine , Belarus

Defence Minister: key message of new Military Doctrine is that Belarus does not call anyone enemies

The updated Military Doctrine of Belarus preserves and emphasises ... Concept and Military Doctrine According to the Defence Minister, the Military Doctrine is a ... . “A draft of the updated Military Doctrine has been presented today at ...

Khrenin , security , Belarus , military doctrine

Opinion: current military-political situation forces Belarus to adjust its military policy

... the provisions of the current Military Doctrine of Belarus. The main thing ...

Chibisov , Belarus , Union State , CSTO , military doctrine , West

Belyaev: main guarantor of Belarus’ security is its own people

... – as is written in our Military Doctrine. However, the defence and protection ...

Belarus , Poland , defence , military doctrine

Expert: collective West’s military doctrine focused on receiving dividends from other nations’ wars

... is no coincidence that the military doctrine of the collective West has ...

West , military doctrine

Expert: Union State’s military doctrine is exclusively defensive in nature

... quite tense. According to the military doctrine of the Union State, the ... of the grouping, and the military doctrine of the Union State has ...

Union State , border , military doctrine , troops

Chibisov: Belarus is Russia’s only ally in western direction

... defensive nature of the joint military doctrine of the allied states that ...

Chibisov , Russia , Belarus , defence , military doctrine

Union State's new Military Doctrine to contribute to countering external threats

... . A new version of the Military Doctrine will contribute to countering external ...

belarus , russia , military doctrine

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