Contagious expansion

Why the North Atlantic Alliance keeps moving East NATO bases are increasingly deployed all over the world. Firstly, the United States pinpoints the areas of its interests by doing so. Secondly, this allows to suppress Europe’s initiative to create its own united army. Thirdly, the US military industrial complex is supported due to new orders. However, everyone else is clearly on a losing side. Why? The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, “We are not going to fight against them. We ...

NATO , expansion , usa , military base

Media: Europe’s largest NATO military base being built in Romania

... is building the largest NATO military base in Europe, which is expected ...

Romania , NATO , military base

Media: US, Qatar secretly agreed to preserve largest airbase in Middle East

... , during his visit to the military base, US Secretary of Defence Lloyd ...

usa , qatar , military base

Media: Turkiye plans to create military base in Libyan Khoms

... , where it will create a military base. There are no official comments ... create a military base. "With the help of the military base, it is ... to be deployed at the military base.

turkiye , military base , libya

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