News photo: festive atmosphere at Kupala Night in Alexandria

Alexandria gathers friends , kupala night

Lukashenko: aspiration for justice and patriotism rooted in Belarusians’ cultural code

... in Alexandria which hosts the Kupala Night (Alexandria Gathers Friends) Republican Festival ... and in the magic of Kupala night. Looking at the scales of ...

Lukashenko , Alexandria gathers friends , kupala night

News photo: Union State Stars in Alexandria concert held at Kupala Night Festival

kupala night , Alexandria gathers friends

Sergeyenko: Kupala Night in Alexandria celebrates Belarusian-Russian friendship

... the impressive scales of the Kupala Night Festival – that is being held ...

sergeyenko , kupala night , Alexandria gathers friends

Belarusian ancestors celebrated Kupala Night with bonfires, round dances and swimming in lakes and rivers

The Kupala Night celebration has been one of ...

kupala night , traditions , Belarus

Alexandria is again gathering friends

... enjoy a unique concert programme: Kupala Night Over the Dnieper. Andrei Kuntsevich ... and Japan, have attended the Kupala Night celebrations in Alexandria. In 2022 ...

Alexandria , kupala night

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