The President thanked Belarusian peacekeepers

The Head of State visited the military airfield in Machulishchi and congratulated the Belarusian participants in the CSTO peacekeeping mission to resolve the crisis in Kazakhstan on its successful completion, and also expressed gratitude to the personnel. The Belarusian peacekeepers returned to our country on Friday by aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The withdrawal of Belarusian military personnel from Kazakhstan was thus completed. The President said, “We understand that the events in ...

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We must always remain human

... humanely want to help refugees, fear that their help will be regarded ...

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Between heaven and hell

The developments on the Polish border are inhumane and cruel-hearted. Our neighbours have apparently forgotten about all the principles of kindness and humanism – having created a real hell for exhausted and desperate people. Meanwhile, western politicians invited these refugees who are homeless now, assuring them that they would be welcomed in the European Union. People came... but what did they face? Those were water cannons with toxic chemicals, stun grenades and tear-gas directed at children ...

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Belarus lent a helping hand

The situation with refugees at the Belarusian-Polish border is under the personal control of the President. Last weekend, the Head of State instructed to streamline and organise the delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid to refugees at the border. On Saturday morning, Aleksandr Lukashenko sent a command to the military: to organise tents where all incoming aid will gather together, distribute it evenly among the refugees and, most importantly, feed the children. What was instructed has ...

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