Belyaev: Lithuania took advantage of fugitive Belarusians, and now is pushing them back

... convinced. He noted that the fugitive Belarusian community’ caused an unhealthy ... that most of these political fugitives who left our country for ... .” The political expert noted that fugitive Belarusians come to Lithuania with ...

Belyaev , Belarus , Lithuania , fugitives

MP: West-controlled fugitives want to drag Belarus into the war, but we won’t allow this

... finance their subversive activities, the fugitives have already requested $250m in ... . All statements of the Belarusian fugitives are dictated by Western countries ... the help of the Belarusian fugitives, the Western countries are trying ... the deputy noted, the Belarusian fugitives themselves are not capable of ... the front. They urge those fugitives who are in Warsaw and ... Gaidukevich stressed that the Belarusian fugitives call for war, they want ... the war. Soon all [the fugitives] will be jailed. There’s ...

Belarus , Russia , West , fugitives

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