Superfast charging stations for electric transport to be launched in 2022

Electric transport and charging infrastructure are becoming a trend in many countries these days. In Belarus, this sphere is also under control. Last week, during a meeting with the Council of Ministers heads, the President noted that fuelling stations across the country should be able to quickly charge passenger electric vehicles. "So far, only about 10 percent of stations offer such a service, though we need much more,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said then. Andrei Kotik, Belorusneft’s Deputy ...

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More electric buses for Minsk

Modernisation of Belarusian industrial enterprises is among the major plans of the Industry Ministry – as informed by Minister Piotr Parkhomchik in his talk to the Belarus 1 TV Channel The Industry Minister noted some Belarusian enterprises have already undergone modernisation and boast a very high technical level. “However, this has been done not by all facilities. The Minsk Tractor Works has great plans: the first part of work will last for five years, while the second will run until 2030. We ...

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Electric transport gaining popularity

The number of electric vehicles in Belarus is growing – as announced by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection According to the Ministry data, at the moment, 4,000 electric vehicles are registered in the country, with more than 2,000 of them imported to Belarus this year. The number of electric filling stations is also growing: there are 450 of them now and, by late 2021, their number is expected to reach 600. This has become possible owing to the President’s decree On ...

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