President’s press secretary revealed which newspapers Lukashenko reads

... the President of Belarus Natalya Eismont told the Belarus 1 TV ... photo: www.belta.by Ms. Eismont underlined that the main criterion ...

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Opinion: leaders of Belarus’ neighbouring countries gone mad, their peoples are in information vacuum

... war – as stated by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian ... Minsk-Moscow live streaming Mr. Eismont drew attention to the fact ... are just saber rattling,” Mr. Eismont noted. The expert drew a ... troops will go there.” Mr. Eismont recalled that Belarus had been ...

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Eismont shed light on how Lukashenko's work schedule is being formed

... the President of Belarus, Natalya Eismont, shed light on some nuances ... for the coming future. Natalya Eismont recalled that 2024 is Year ... its nuances and details.” Ms. Eismont is convinced that the President ...

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Lukashenko’s press secretary: President has no days off

... the Head of State, Natalya Eismont, in her talk with the ... are often quite lengthy,” Ms. Eismont said.

Lukashenko , President , Eismont

Opinion: Zelenskyy not going to lose hold of power, it’s matter of life and death for him

... rival – as noted by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian ... assisting Kiev to fight,” Mr. Eismont said. The Belteleradiocompany Chairman stressed ... and restaurants.” According to Mr. Eismont, the conflict between Ukraine’s ... he is in power.” Mr. Eismont added that the confrontation between ...

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Belteleradiocompany Chairman on world’s close attention to Tucker Carlson's interview with Putin: people want to know the truth

... operation – as stated by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian ... and the United States,” Mr. Eismont said. He believes Tucker Carlson ... points to agree upon,” Mr. Eismont noted, adding that Russia had ... president,” the expert said. Mr. Eismont added that the Belarusian State ... House briefings are ignored,” Mr. Eismont stressed.

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Eismont on Belarus President’s main thesis at meeting dedicated to foreign visits’ results

... the Head of State Natalya Eismont told journalists, BelTA reports. photo ... with high productivity,” said Natalya Eismont. As the President noted, there ... main thesis and demand,” Natalya Eismont emphasised. As BelTA reported, over ...

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Eismont conveyed greetings of Belarus’ President to participants of firewood chopping championship

... the President of Belarus, Natalya Eismont, has conveyed greetings on behalf ... all understand it," Ms. Eismont said. “I think we should ... 's really cool!" Ms. Eismont conveyed huge greetings and good ... in all its work,” Ms. Eismont added. As it is known ...

President , Eismont , Lukashenko , firewood chopping championship

Eismont: President has always been and remains honest, and this is his most principled position

... the President of Belarus, Natalya Eismont, in her talk with the ... the Head of State, Ms. Eismont drew attention to an important ... seldom asked for, and Ms. Eismont added, “Journalists primarily have a ...

Eismont , Lukashenko , palace of independence

Expert commented on whether it is possible to improve Belarus-Poland relations

... relations – as stated by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian ... talk with Alfa Radio Mr. Eismont considers normal relations between Minsk ... expert explained. According to Mr. Eismont, Poland is looking for those ...

Belarus , poland , Eismont , opinion

Opinion: ordinary Ukrainians to suffer due to supplies of depleted uranium shells to Kiev

... Ukraine – as noted by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian ... in their warehouses," Mr. Eismont suggested. As noted by the ... everything.” Along with this, Mr. Eismont speculated about the future prospects ...

Ukraine , Eismont , opinion , depleted uranium

Opinion: Ukrainians are the cheapest way for the West to fight Russia

... Russia – as noted by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian ... the US intelligence data, Mr. Eismont said, “Americans are the main ... who are being killed,” Mr. Eismont stressed. Along with this, the ... of the counteroffensive," Mr Eismont emphasised.

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Eismont on Warsaw’s refusal to send observers to Combat Brotherhood: Poland is following the CSTO exercise

... territory – as stated by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian ... European Council Donald] Tusk,” Ivan Eismont recalled. According to him, everything ... humanitarian assistance themselves,” said Ivan Eismont. The Belteleradiocompany Chairman recalled that ... ’t hide much,” concluded Ivan Eismont.

Poland , Belarus , CSTO exercise , Eismont

Expert shed light on EU economic problems and their consequences

... states – as noted by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian ... States, Poland, and others,” Mr. Eismont said. According to the expert ... gaining momentum,” he added. Mr. Eismont believes the situation for the ...

Eismont , eu , economy , opinion

Expert: Belarus ready to resist new information war against background of election campaign

... period – as stated by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian ... 2024 election campaign, and Ivan Eismont commented, “We are ready [for ... been predicted for us.” Mr. Eismont believes that Belarusians see potential ... by easy machinations," Mr. Eismont said.

Eismont , Belarus , elections

Opinion: it’s Belarus’ sacred duty to cherish the memory of Great Patriotic War victims

... Genocide of Belarusian People Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian ... is our sacred duty,” Mr. Eismont stated.

Eismont , Great Patriotic War , victory , historical memory

Opinion: people easily driven into information vacuum in the West

... talk with Alfa Radio , Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian ... information vacuum. According to Mr. Eismont, a revolution of lies took ... of persons they are,” Mr. Eismont said. The expert noted that ... is good,” he said. Mr. Eismont explained that the West is ...

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Opinion: Belarus’ President always advocated multipolar world

... TV and Radio Company, Ivan Eismont, in his talk with the ... channel Photo: video screenshot Mr. Eismont drew attention to what the ... back and defend ourselves’,” Mr. Eismont added.

Eismont , Belarus , co-operation , russia

Notes in the margins and between the lines: details of Lukashenko’s work on Address’ final version disclosed

... Assembly – as stated by Natalya Eismont, the press secretary of the ... the most important,” said Natalya Eismont. In recent years, Aleksandr Lukashenko ... to this event,” said Natalia Eismont. In an interview with journalists ...

Lukashenko , Eismont , Belarus , Address

Eismont on upcoming Presidential Address: Head of State is preparing tremendously

... st – as stated by Natalya Eismont, the press secretary of the ... far beyond the country,” Ms. Eismont said. “The understanding and awareness ... prepared very quickly." Ms. Eismont stressed that only by being ...

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