Dovgalo: November 7th is wonderful occasion to present significant gifts to Belarusians

... National Assembly of Belarus Irina Dovgalo The parliamentarian noted that the ... also on ourselves,” noted Irina Dovgalo. The parliamentarian continued that a ... just keep walking, said Irina Dovgalo. The parliamentarian recalled that after ... England is already constructing,” Irina Dovgalo underlined. The parliamentarian also added ...

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MP: Poles' appetites not ending with Ukraine

... shared even with ‘friends’. Irina Dovgalo, a member of the Standing ... whole of the country.” Ms. Dovgalo considers it obvious that Poland ... encroach on our freedom!” Ms. Dovgyalo stressed.

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MP: Belarus paid dear for opportunity to go along its own path

... National Assembly of Belarus, Irina Dovgalo, in her Telegram channel, it ... who worked for them,” Ms. Dovgyalo explained, adding that Poles went ... events of September 1939, Ms. Dovgalo believes that September 17th is ... we capture it well,” Ms. Dovgalo noted. She emphasised that the ... Day, dear Belarus!" Irina Dovgalo congratulated.

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Dovgalo: the law on civil society is necessary

... with the updated Constitution. Irina Dovgalo, a member of the Standing ... needed,” underlined the deputy. Irina Dovgalo also indicated that during the ... on,” said the parliamentarian. Irina Dovgalo added, “Labour in our time ...

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Human rights are violated more in US than anywhere else

... else – as noted by Irina Dovgalo, a member of the Standing ... ‘democracy’,” the parliamentarian noted. Ms. Dovgalo recalled another incident that occurred ... , money has no smell…” Mr. Dovgalo added that, despite repeated cases ...

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