FM: Russia will not allow implementation of threats of possible strikes on Crimea

... strikes on the territory of Crimea – as noted by the Deputy ... of the Russian Federation, but Crimea is not considered as part ...

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Media: Zelenskyy announced AFU preparation for counteroffensive towards Crimea

... allegedly allow Kiev to seize Crimea, RIA Novosti reports photo: www ... forces and also return the Crimean Peninsula,” Yle reads. Moreover, according ... counteroffensive are assessed sceptically in Crimea, since Russian troops have built ...

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Zelenskyy’s Office named conditions for negotiations on Crimea

... for negotiations with Moscow on Crimea if the Armed Forces of ... on the administrative border with Crimea, we are ready to open ... the military way of taking Crimea under its control.

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US journalist: West’s idea to deprive Russia of Crimea is absurd

... the collective West ‘to liberate’ Crimea from Russia is stupid and ... “[The idea that] Crimea can be ‘liberated’ from Russia ...

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Politico: Pentagon does not believe in Ukraine’s ability to retake Crimea

... able to establish control over Crimea in the near future, Politico ... attempt to regain control of Crimea ‘is not guaranteed’. The briefers ...

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US media: Kiev's plan for Crimea doomed to failure

... Warren Davis, the majority of Crimean residents wanted to join Russia ... Kiev for the seizure of Crimea is a disgusting idea. According ... noted that the majority of Crimean residents wanted to join Russia ...

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Counter-sniper unit equipped with ultra-long-range Lobaev rifles being formed in Crimea

In Crimea, a counter-sniper unit is ... ’ during the special military operation, Crimea 24 TV channel informs Photo ... on the initiative of the Crimean Head Aksenov and with participation ...

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Crimean MP: Kiev's plans to seize the peninsula are doomed

... Kiev authorities’ plans of seize Crimea are doomed, and their statements ... by the Head of the Crimean Parliament's Committee on People ... and return the territory of Crimea in 2023. Mr. Yermak is ...

Ukraine , crimea

The Hill: attack on Crimea to turn into catastrophic failure for Kiev

... to organise an attack on Crimea will have disastrous consequences for ... ground attack by Ukraine on Crimea is very risky, “It lacks ... tried to attack objects in Crimea – in particular, it organised an ... explosion on the Crimean bridge and attacked Russian ships ... make an attempt to seize Crimea, this will lead to much ...


Latvian Daugavpils Mayor called Crimea Russian

... Latvian Daugavpils, Andrejs Elksnins, called Crimea Russian and refused to name ... reports. Photo: “Crimea is part of the Russian ...

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Crimea announced changed status of the Sea of Azov

... by the Head of the Crimean Parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, RIA Novosti ... programmes,” the Head of the Crimean Parliament said.


Ukraine’s Defence Ministry utters possible attacks on Crimea with help of American HIMARS

... launch a missile strike on Crimea, BelTA reports with reference to ... supplied to Kiev to attack Crimea. Based on official data, Washington ...

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