NAS: Belarus’ producers mastering new markets for meat and dairy products

... of System Research in the Agro-Industrial Complex of the National Academy of ...

Belarus , exports , agriculture , National Academy of Science , products , agro-industrial complex

Karpovich: prospects for foreign trade development in agricultural sector in the Union State context are enormous

... of System Researches in the Agro-Industrial Complex of the National Academy of ...

Union State , co-operation , agro-industrial complex

Lukashenko: entire dairy industry must be transferred to high-tech dairy complexes within next five years

At a major conference call on the harvesting campaign, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, updated the task of transferring the entire dairy industry of the Belarusian agricultural sector to technologically advanced dairy complexes while farms using outdated technologies should be completely abandoned photo: The Head of State recalled the order he gave earlier, “The entire dairy industry must be transferred to technologically advanced dairy complexes. You can ...

Lukashenko , agro-industrial complex

Lukashenko on lending in agro-industrial complex

All loans taken in the agro-industrial complex must be returned – as stated ...

Lukashenko , agro-industrial complex

Belarusian field

... the successful development of the agro-industrial complex in general. Record grain yield ...

Belarus , agriculture , agro-industrial complex , economy , food security

Belarus is in worthy positions in food rankings

... of the workers of the agro-industrial complex. The President of Belarus stated ...

Lukashenko , agro-industrial complex , medals

Zayats: Belarus’ self-sufficiency level for major food groups exceeds 100 percent

... and the development of the agro-industrial complex, as well as the stability ...

Belarus , food security , expert , agro-industrial complex

State awards bestowed upon 78 representatives of organisations, enterprises and specialised educational establishments of agro-industrial complex

... specialised educational establishments of the agro-industrial complex. Orders, medals and honorary titles ... to the development of the agro-industrial complex, and the achievement of high ... group of representatives of the agro-industrial complex was awarded For Labour Merits ... on six employees of the agro-industrial complex, including tractor-driver at Rassvet ... specialised educational establishments of the agro-industrial complex.

Lukashenko , awards , agro-industrial complex

True diamond of the Belarusian agro-industrial complex

In the pre-holiday days, on the eve of November 7th, the people of Belarus, according to a good tradition, received a lot of large-scale gifts — many important objects were put into operation in the country. The main one was the opening of the Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation, which has no analogues either in Europe or in the post-Soviet space. The President took part in the solemn ceremony of launching the new production. Aleksandr Lukashenko expressed his sincere gratitude to his ...

Lukashenko , BNBC , agro-industrial complex

Harvesting: discipline, quality, responsibility

... all the nuances of the agro-industrial complex. Last week, the President made ... a whole, including in the agro-industrial complex, and therefore it is important ...

Lukashenko , agro-industrial complex , economy

Lukashenko continues working tour along Belarus, visit to Vitebsk Region planned

... situation in the country’s agro-industrial complex, the Head of State began ...

Lukashenko , Vitebsk Region , agro-industrial complex

We will achieve all our goals

The issue of the harvesting campaign and ensuring food security in Belarus, raised at a large-scale conference, received its practical development during the working trips of the Head of State to the regions of the country. From substantive discussions of topical issues to business conversations and on-site inspections. The Slutsk District of the Minsk Region was the first stop in a series of routes of the President. Aleksandr Lukashenko, in particular, visited Kozlovichi-Agro. It was about the ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , agro-industrial complex , Slutsk

Strategic point

Important tasks for the Belarusian agro-industrial complex were set by the Head ...

Lukashenko , agro-industrial complex , conference call

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