Kochanova on preparations for 11th Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia

... that these cities of the Vitebsk Region were chosen to show our ...

Kochanova , Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia , Vitebsk Region

Topical issues of Vitebsk Region development discussed at meeting with President

Topical issues of the Vitebsk Region development have been discussed ... in specific regions, including the Vitebsk Region, during a videoconference meeting. ... yet been harvested in the Vitebsk Region, grain yields are significantly ... of the Vitebsk Region as a whole. “If the Vitebsk Region or other ... ok – especially for the Vitebsk Region, and for the others as ... three years ago. The Vitebsk Region has received significant state support ... way back – neither for the Vitebsk Region, nor Mogilev, nor Gomel, ...

President , Vitebsk Region

Lukashenko to appoint Agriculture and Food Minister Igor Brylo as President’s Aide for Vitebsk Region

... President’s Aide for the Vitebsk Region. This was announced at a ... state of affairs in the Vitebsk Region. “We will enter active ... commissioning will be July 24th,” Vitebsk Region Governor Aleksandr Subbotin reported. “I ... is now responsible for the Vitebsk Region. Information was announced that the ... President’s Aide for the Vitebsk Region. “So, from this harvesting ... President’s Aide for the Vitebsk Region. You should report me weekly ... on the situation in the Vitebsk Region. It seems that they forgot ...

Lukashenko , Brylo , agriculture , Vitebsk region

Lukashenko making working trip to Vitebsk Region

... a working trip to the Vitebsk Region today. In the village of ... agricultural development in Belarus, the Vitebsk Region, and Orsha District. Yubileiny JSC ...

Lukashenko , Vitebsk Region

Belarusian Land Treasures. Vitebsk Region

... Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, “The Vitebsk Region — the northernmost region of Belarus ... digression, interesting facts The Vitebsk Region celebrates its 85th anniversary in ... Kopys, Orsha District, the Vitebsk Region. Geographical position Centre of Europe ... people. Economic development The Vitebsk Region is a highly developed industrial ... 231 agricultural organisations in the Vitebsk Region. Agriculture of the region ... main mineral resources of the Vitebsk Region are dolomite, sapropels, clay, ...

Belarusian Land Treasures , Belarus , Vitebsk Region , project , country

Vitebsk Region to intensify twinning ties with Israel

... is closely intertwined. In the Vitebsk Region alone, there are 55 memorable ... . Mr. Mirkin arrived in the Vitebsk Region on a two-day visit ...

israel , Vitebsk Region , twin cities

Third of Vitebsk Region’s export deliveries go to Russia

... fact that, last year, the Vitebsk Region maintained foreign trade operations with ... expanding geography, industrialists from the Vitebsk Region conclude promising long-term contracts ...

Belarus , Russia , exports , Vitebsk Region

Lukashenko explains why he didn’t support proposals to change the system of Social Protection Fund’s work

The system of work of the bodies of social services for the population and the Social Protection Fund in Belarus has been built and time-tested, so there’s no need to change it yet – as stated today by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, in his talk with journalists in the Tolochin District, BelTA reports Photo: The day before, the Head of State heard a report on improving the work of the Social Protection Fund and measures to strengthen support for pensioners. ...

Lukashenko , Vitebsk Region , Social Protection Fund

Lukashenko explains what shocks and infuriates him most of all as President

If everything is normal in the Belarusian economy, no wars will happen in the country – as stated by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, during the Republican seminar-meeting on restoration and use of reclaimed land, BelTA reports Photo: Summing up the session, the President explained that he sets tough tasks for a reason. “Believe me, I have much more information than those present here, but I can’t tell you everything. Therefore, in general, I always say that first ...

Lukashenko , Vitebsk Region

Lukashenko paid unscheduled visit to woodworking enterprise in Kokhanovo

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has paid an unscheduled visit to the StroyMonolit woodworking enterprise in Kokhanovo, which is implementing a project to produce components for modern wooden housing construction. Innovative approaches enable the company to build such houses up to eight floors high. Photo: The company also plans to build wooden houses, as well as to construct a pellet factory in order to effectively use waste from the main production. The project is ...

Lukashenko , Vitebsk Region

Lukashenko: every piece of land should be used for the benefit of the country

It is impossible to further delay reclamation, we need to solve this problem – as stated today by the President of Belarus during the Republican seminar-meeting on restoration and use of reclaimed land Photo: Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that the restoration and improvement of the efficiency of the use of reclaimed lands began in the 1970s and lasted almost two decades, “In terms of scale and significance for our republic, it was, in fact, an analogue of the GOELRO [the first Soviet ...

Lukashenko , Vitebsk Region

Amkodor machinery capabilities demonstrated to Lukashenko at test site

During his visit to Amkodor-KEZ JSC in Kokhanovo, President Aleksandr Lukashenko was demonstrated the capabilities of the machinery produced at the enterprise — in particular, excavators, harvesters, trenchers, drain-installing machines, and dump trucks. The Head of State was also informed on their advantages and technical characteristics. Photo: Amkodor-KEZ is Belarus’ only manufacturer of land reclamation machines and single-bucket hydraulic tracked and wheeled excavators and ...

Lukashenko , Vitebsk Region

Lukashenko at Amkodor-KEZ: I see prospects here

Visiting Amkodor-KEZ enterprise in the Tolochin District, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, drew attention to the personnel issue, asking, Aleksandr Shakutin, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Amkodor – Holding Managing Company, whether he had enough labour force. Photo: The President was informed that labour resources are the main problem in Kokhanovo. 4,500 people live in the urban settlement, with part of the qualified personnel leaving for Minsk, some ...

Lukashenko , Amkodor , Vitebsk Region

Lukashenko on working trip to Vitebsk Region

The President is on a working trip to the Tolochin District today. In particular, the Head of State will visit Amkodor-KEZ JSC in Kokhanovo – to be reported there on the state and prospects of Amkodor’s development, ensuring the supply of equipment for the land reclamation needs, improving its service and warranty maintenance. Aleksandr Lukashenko will also get acquainted with the production process and then take part in a plenary session of the Republican seminar-meeting on the issues of ...

Lukashenko , Vitebsk Region

Lukashenko directs farmers to accelerate pace of winter crops sowing

... harvesting corn, even in the Vitebsk Region, especially burnt areas, for silage ... sowing winter crops, since the Vitebsk Region (and not only it) is ... agro-industrial associations of the Vitebsk Region in Postavy on August 5th ... ], we nevertheless shook up the Vitebsk Region at one time, people understood ... of State discussed with the Vitebsk Region Governor is pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies ...

Lukashenko , Subbotin , Vitebsk Region , agriculture

Lukashenko congratulates Vitebsk Region on one million tonnes of grain

... congratulated Aleksandr Subbotin and all Vitebsk Region residents on this result. Photo ... would like to congratulate the Vitebsk Region residents on this achievement. As ...

Lukashenko , Vitebsk Region , agriculture

Lukashenko: tax on picking berries, mushrooms is nonsense

Residents of the Miory District are worried about the rumours on introduction of a tax on picking berries and mushrooms, and the President of Belarus was addressed with a question on this issue during his today’s visit to the Miory Rolling Mill Photo: Aleksandr Lukashenko inspired people not to worry, “While I – a man from a village – am the President, there will be no talk about a tax on mushrooms and berries. This is complete nonsense. This has never been applied in our ...

Lukashenko , Vitebsk Region

Lukashenko: only those who move fast will come out of the crisis

Sanctions are a time of opportunity – as stated by President Aleksandr Lukashenko in reply to a question on how to stand against sanctions Photo: In his talk to the Miory Rolling Mill’s employees, the Head of State stressed that, under the present circumstances, it is important to monitor the situation. “We should inspect every enterprise and see what it lacks. So I have come to see what you lack. This is a taste of a whip which is needed – maybe not so much for you, but for some ...

Lukashenko , Vitebsk Region

Lukashenko demands to ensure stable operation of Miory Rolling Mill

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, demanded to ensure stable operation of the Miory Rolling Mill during his today’s visit to the enterprise. Its private owner failed to fulfil his obligations, and almost 700 employees were on pain of dismissal. The problem was solved only after the Head of State’s intervention. “We cannot keep making the same mistakes – working, stopping, and then again working and stopping. People work here, and they need to be saved,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “ ...

Lukashenko , industry , Vitebsk Region

Lukashenko inspecting Miory Rolling Mill

... the Miory District of the Vitebsk Region, visiting a plant manufacturing sheet ...

Lukashenko , industry , Vitebsk Region

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