Pinevich: first pilot sample of Belarusian vaccine against COVID-19 to be received in April

... pilot sample of the Belarusian vaccine against COVI D-19 is ... sample of the domestically-produced vaccine, which will then go to ... done to ensure that the vaccine is registered by late 2023 ... the production of a domestic vaccine against COVID-19 is being ... . The development of a domestic vaccine is carried out by organisations ...

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Scientists of Belarus and Russia to conduct clinical trials of vector vaccine for tuberculosis immunotherapy

... clinical trials of a vector vaccine for immunotherapy of pulmonary tuberculosis ...

Belarus , Russia , Mezentsev , vaccine , tuberculosis

Assault on cancer

... developed sensational projects — a cancer vaccine, 3D modelling of the most ... production of Elenagen anti-cancer vaccine. During clinical trials, the drug ... of highly qualified specialists. This vaccine is the development of the ... the fundamental research of the vaccine ended, the question arose of ... of chemotherapy. In addition, the vaccine, unlike most toxic cancer drugs ... week. Currently, there is no vaccine produced anywhere in the world ... this method in oncosurgery. The vaccine had no choice — Why choose ...

medicine , vaccine

Belarus plans to organise large-scale production of cancer vaccine

... production of the Elenagen cancer vaccine. During clinical trials, the drug ... other types of neoplasms. “This vaccine is the development of the ... the fundamental research of the vaccine ended, the question arose of ...

Oncology , vaccine , Belarus

Belarus scales up production of cancer vaccine

... of the so-called cancer vaccine – as reported by BelTA with ... that during the research, the vaccine showed the world’s best ...

Belarus , Healthcare Ministry , vaccine , cancer

EU to pay 50m Euros for vaccines for Ukraine

... Union plans to purchase coronavirus vaccines for their further delivery to ... contract is ‘the purchase of vaccines against acute respiratory infection COVID ...

eu , Ukraine , coronavirus , vaccine

Sputnik V is one of world’s leaders in terms of the number of vaccinated people

... terms of the number of vaccinated people worldwide, according to ... which the Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V is one ... terms of the number of vaccinated.” According to the medical ... leading manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines have produced more than ... 16 billion doses of vaccines, of which 13 billion ... from the use of national vaccination programmes in various regions ... on the Sputnik V vaccine has been published in leading ... journals: The Lancet, Nature, Vaccines, Cell Reports Medicine and others ...

COVID-19 , vaccine , Sputnik V , vaccination

Healthcare Ministry: Belarus’ coronavirus vaccine to be registered by late 2023

... intends to register a domestic vaccine against COVID-19 in December ... by Ms. Dosina – the Belarusian vaccine will be able to protect ...

healthcare ministry , vaccine

Permission for AstraZeneca use in COVID prevention revoked

The US Food and Drug Administration has revoked permission for the use of the Evusheld drug by British-Swedish AstraZeneca aimed to prevent coronavirus in emergency circumstances, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.PIXABAY.COM It is noted that the decision was due to the fact that the drug does not work against 'Kraken', the Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5, that is currently spreading in the United States. According to AstraZeneca, the permission can be restored if the level of distribution of such sub- ...

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Lithuania forced to dispose of 1.2m doses of coronavirus vaccine

... 1.2m doses of coronavirus vaccine, because the country failed to ... , the amount of COVID-19 vaccine purchased earlier turned out to ... – when 10-200 people were vaccinated against coronavirus a day, the ... 28m Euros to buy the vaccine. "It was obvious that ... , at such rates of vaccination, it would not be possible ...

lithuania , vaccine , coronavirus

BelVitunipharm preparing to launch production of COVID vaccine adapted to Belarusians’ genotype

... for the production of a vaccine against COVID-19 and import ... substitution of other vaccines that are used in the ... pilot production of anti-COVID vaccine will open here. According to ... created a prototype of a vaccine against coronavirus infection, which has ... academician claims that the Belarusian vaccine against coronavirus infection is equal ... to produce not only a vaccine for the prevention of COVID ... whole range of other necessary vaccines and drugs that are used ...

Belarus , healthcare , COVID , vaccine

Chinese Ambassador: China-Belarus cooperation boasts broad prospects and huge potential

... receiving a humanitarian batch of vaccine against coronavirus. He stressed that ... 2 million doses of COVID vaccine arrived in Minsk. Taking this ... exchanged humanitarian supplies with PPE, vaccines and other medical products. Moreover ... such ceremonies of donating the vaccine to Belarus six times. These ... the availability of a coronavirus vaccine from China. It also demonstrates ... use of Chinese vaccine in many hospitals and vaccination stations. I felt ... am very glad that the vaccine helps to effectively fight ...

China , Belarus , Ambassador , vaccine , humanitarian aid

China sent 2m more doses of coronavirus vaccine to Belarus

... Sinopharm Corporation (Vero Cell) coronavirus vaccine and the same number of ... of 2m doses of the vaccine to Belarus was reached during ... about 5m doses of this vaccine have been sent by China ...

coronavirus , china , vaccine , belarus

Belarusian scientists will soon start producing vaccines against flu and COVID-19

... domestic flu and COVID-19 vaccines will soon begin on its ... first series of Belarus’ prototype vaccine against COVID-19 had already ... . We will then start producing vaccines for different needs, in different ... areas, including flu vaccines. These have always been imported ...

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WHO Chief says a third of world’s population remains totally unvaccinated against COVID

... ’s population is still not vaccinated against the coronavirus, including many ... workers are still not vaccinated against COVID. Vaccination rates are also low ... have not yet received the vaccine. Earlier, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said ... agreement on mutual recognition of vaccination against COVID-19.

WHO , coronavirus , vaccine

Lukashenko: we’ll start bottling Belarusian vaccine against COVID-19 in near future

... , we will start bottling our vaccine. For God’s sake, we ... Lukashenko urged citizens to get vaccinated if they want. But the ...

Lukashenko , Brest Region , vaccine , COVID-19

Domestic vaccine comes first

... of Sciences will develop domestic vaccines The Belarusian product against ... platforms for the release of vaccines. With such a foundation, ... we had to fast-track vaccine production.” Aleksandr Lukashenko said ... primarily the development of various vaccines. The state allocates large ... creation of the platform, vaccines against new infections will be ... develop preventive drugs from the vaccination calendar and gradually replace ... for Virology is considering producing vaccines against infections endemic to ...

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Cuban vaccine against COVID-19 registered in Belarus

A Cuban vaccine against COVID-19 has been ... Devices (CECMED), the SOBERANA PLUS vaccine against COVID-19 – produced by ... the Finley Vaccine Institute – has been registered in ... Cuba’s first COVID-19 vaccine registered in Europe.

vaccine , cuba , COVID-19

Russian Health Ministry registered nasal vaccine against COVID-19

... Salnavak is a combined vector vaccine, the indication for use is ... people aged 18-60 years. Vaccination should be carried out in ... development and production of medicines, vaccines, and diagnostic systems, being also ... of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine.

Russia , medicine , coronavirus , vaccine

Belarus’ COVID vaccine to be ready by late 2023

... the progress in Belarusian coronavirus vaccine development According to the official ... , a prototype of the Belarusian vaccine has been developed, and ‘its ... method of cultivating the Belarusian vaccine in a bioreactor. As informed ... of the construction of a vaccine manufacturing plant is close to ... is being purchased. “The Belarusian vaccine will join the market in ...

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