A test of strength

How Dobrush Porcelain Factory solves problems with ... their marketing strategies. The Dobrush Porcelain Factory, the only one of ... the USA and other countries. Porcelain teapots or Belarusian-made pizza ... volume of purchases of Belarusian porcelain. Delivery has become more difficult ... Alexander Vinokurov, CEO of Dobrush Porcelain Factory CJSC, is sure that ... used to apply images to porcelain products, was purchased from Ukraine ... are worthwhile. Now the Dobrush Porcelain Factory is working on continuously ...

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Technology is power

... tested at the Dobrush Porcelain Factory The Dobrush Porcelain Factory is actively ... make such a purchase. Porcelain in Belarus is made only ... . In an hour, 400 porcelain items are decorated on a ... . In an hour, 400 porcelain items are decorated on a ... pattern on plates The Dobrush Porcelain Factory is currently preparing for ... hour.” No matter how the porcelain industry develops, hand-painted tableware ... it shines through, it’s porcelain, if not — it’s ... the plate with a pencil: porcelain rings like crystal. By ...

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